James Wenzel

Hey there. I'm a senior at UC Berkeley, where I study cognitive science with a concentration in computational modeling.

First and foremost, I'm a rock star. I'm a musician, producer, and recording artist who likes wearing leather jackets. I use data and technology as tools to better understand and interact with art and media. I use d3.js to explore and visualize data. I hack on experiments that I think will help me get closer to the things I'm passionate about. I like making things, from guitars, to LED walls, to Arduino instruments.

Currently, I'm a data visualization intern at Spotify, working on their Insights blog. Last summer, I worked as a data visualization intern at Polygraph, a data vizualization company in NYC. Before that, I interned at MAGNIFI in Emeryville as part of their artist relations team, where I automated artist-management metadata lookup.

At UC Berkeley, I fundraise and volunteer as a summer camp counselor for Camp Kesem Berkeley, which puts on a free week of summer camp for kids affected by a parent's cancer. I was the Director of Music and VP of Finance for the UC Berkeley chapter of the Business Careers in Entertainment Club, which strives to connect Cal students to opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Check me out on GitHub, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram, or shoot me an email at jameswenzel at berkeley.edu.